Symptoms of Lymphoma

Symptoms of Lymphoma can be the same as many other things, and it is always best to be diagnosed by a doctor. Never assume because you may be experiencing these same symptoms that this is what you have. The Symptoms of Lymphoma are so broad they could be caused by many different things including the flu, certain medications, the common cold or even a viral infection. For example one symptom of lymphoma is a fever; many people have had fevers in their life and never had Lymphoma.

The symptoms of Lymphoma also include weight loss, sweating, fever and sometimes itching. Lymphoma can cause your spleen to swell, which then can cause stomach discomfort. Other symptoms of Lymphoma can be painless swelling in your neck, under your arm or groin. Your liver, bone marrow and bones may end up being involved as well; this is why if you are experiencing symptoms of Lymphoma, you should let your doctor know of your symptoms. Symptoms of Lymphoma can also be localized to a single area like your Tonsil's, which can make diagnosis Lymphoma difficult. Symptoms of Lymphoma caught early can improve a person's chance of survival; however there have been cases of children that survived initially, only to later fall to the disease in their 30's.

Lymphoma is a very difficult disease to determine what causes it, while we know the symptoms of Lymphoma, the cause and cure are still relatively unknown. Many cancer treatments can sometimes feel worse than the disease, and the symptoms of Lymphoma can be very discomforting at times; however, the treatments can cause many symptoms to worsen, or even new symptoms to appear. Lymphoma has many speculations as to what caused it, when in truth the only real fact is that there are things associated with the disease that are common. For example different infections like HIV, hepatitis B, and C have all been associated with Lymphoma, although not everyone with these infections will experience the symptoms of Lymphoma or the disease.

In conclusion, you may have the symptoms of Lymphoma, and really only have the flu. It is always best to consult your Family Doctor before trying to make the determination yourself. It is also best that if you are experiencing any of the Symptoms of Lymphoma, to let your doctor know, you may even want to let him know what you think it is, that way he can rule it out for you.