Symptoms of ADDADHD

Do you think your child might have ADD/ADHD? Here are a few symptoms:

Lack of Organization
Almost all ADD/ADHD kids have organization issues, me included. The best advice I can give you is to set a good example and start a daily planner with your child beginning in grade school. Also do weekly or monthly backpack checks to see if your child is a packrat. Encourage your child to work with his/her teachers to become more academically organized.

An Excess of Energy
A classic symptom of ADD/ADHD is a restless body, and many kids also experience irritation and anxiety. This is all caused by an excess of energy that ADD/ADHD kids don't understand how to use effectively. Sign your kid up for a recreational sport and encourage exercise, as physical activity will greatly improve these symptoms. Also, encourage your child to participate in self-discipline activities, such as yoga, meditation, and karate.

A Lack of or Uneven Concentration/Focus
Some ADD/ADHD kids can't focus at all. More often, though, kids will have the ability to be ultra-focused on things they love, and completely unfocused or even bored when participating in activities they aren't utterly passionate about. Try to let your kid explore his or her passions while maintaining a balance with less favorite activities.

Many ADD/ADHD kids are often moody and frustrated. This can come from their inability to get anything done or excess energy. Encourage communication with your child to help this symptom. Many ADD/ADHD kids will seem to always be impatient with themselves and others, and this is because they want to be able to concentrate long enough to get something done, but they simply lack the ability.

Most importantly, get your child tested for ADD/ADHD! This will help you better understand if your child does, in fact, have ADD/ADHD, and it will avail your child to coaching, therapy, medication, and even assistance from your child's school.

Understanding your child's possible ADD/ADHD is imperative to getting along with him or her. The earlier ADD/ADHD is identified in your child, the more time you have to work with and understand your kid. If the above symptoms seem to match your child, get your child professionally tested for ADD/ADHD as soon as possible. It may be expensive, but it's well worth the cost.