Swine Flu Symptoms

The swine flu is a weakening disease and can literally knock you off your feet. Anyone who is feeling fatigued and has a respiratory problem may need to be checked for the swine influenza by their doctor.

The swine flu may also cause common flu symptoms, such as a high fever, cough, and / or sore throats. While you may not have the swine flu just by having these symptoms, it would not be a bad idea to have yourself tested for the swine flu due to the recent outbreak. After all, better safe than sorry.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of the swine flu (fatigue, cough, fever, etc.) then please see your doctor immediately. The swine flu is a very serious influenza and its symptoms are bad by themselves. Do not hesitate going to your medical doctor as soon as tomorrow if you fear you may have swine flu due to having these symptoms.