Symptoms of ADDADHD

Do you think your child might have ADD/ADHD? Here are a few symptoms:

Lack of Organization
Almost all ADD/ADHD kids have organization issues, me included. The best advice I can give you is to set a good example and start a daily planner with your child beginning in grade school. Also do weekly or monthly backpack checks to see if your child is a packrat. Encourage your child to work with his/her teachers to become more academically organized.

An Excess of Energy
A classic symptom of ADD/ADHD is a restless body, and many kids also experience irritation and anxiety. This is all caused by an excess of energy that ADD/ADHD kids don't understand how to use effectively. Sign your kid up for a recreational sport and encourage exercise, as physical activity will greatly improve these symptoms. Also, encourage your child to participate in self-discipline activities, such as yoga, meditation, and karate.

A Lack of or Uneven Concentration/Focus
Some ADD/ADHD kids can't focus at all. More often, though, kids will have the ability to be ultra-focused on things they love, and completely unfocused or even bored when participating in activities they aren't utterly passionate about. Try to let your kid explore his or her passions while maintaining a balance with less favorite activities.

Many ADD/ADHD kids are often moody and frustrated. This can come from their inability to get anything done or excess energy. Encourage communication with your child to help this symptom. Many ADD/ADHD kids will seem to always …

What Are the Symptoms of Gout?

There are many people who experience a gout symptom and are not even aware of it. You may chalk it up to your working conditions, not eating right or any other number of things. There are many people that believe that gout is an old fashioned condition and doesn’t exist anymore. This is not true at all. T here are many people that suffer daily from gout symptoms of one kind or another. So how do you know if you are having symptoms of gout?

The best way to know if you are having symptoms of gout is to do some research online. You will need to determine if your gout symptom is treatable or if it is much more serious. Do you have any idea what gout is? Gout is a painful inflammation of your joints, it is a form of arthritis. There are certain foods that you eat that can cause a severe gout symptom. If your diet plays a significant factor, then your symptoms of gout should be treated with the proper diet and the proper medications.

The biggest symptom of gout is the severe or sudden attack of pain to a joint. You will experience either tenderness, warmth, redness or some swelling in the affected joint. Gout will usually attack only one joint at a time such as the big toe. When you have gout you want to make sure that you don’t mistreat your condition because you can lose a toe ,for example, if you …

Symptoms of Swine Flu

Swine flu symptoms are much like that of any flu but since everyone is concerned about the swine flu you need to know what the symptoms of swine flu are. Swine flu is expected to be a very bad flu but who know for sure whether or not the swine flu is going to be pandemic. Do everything you can to keep from getting the swine flu like wash your hands regularly and get a flu shot. This will not guarantee that you won’t get the swine flu but it will help keep you safer.

You should have a working thermometer available so that you can take your temperature if you think you may be getting sick. One of the first symptoms of the swine flu is a sodden temperature. This doesn’t mean that you need to carry a thermometer with you all the time just have one at home that works well. Another symptom of the start of the swine flu is a sudden cough.

Other symptoms of the swine flu are a headache and body aches, a cold chill, a runny nose accompanied by a sore throat. You may have diarrhea and or a bad tummy and a loss of appetite. More symptoms of the swine flu are aching joints and muscle aches and pains. The swine flu will drain you and make you tired too.

The swine flu can give you any or all of these symptoms. If you are sick the best thing for you to …

Know the Symptoms of a UTI

UTI. Urinary Tract Infection. Most women have heard of them and about 25% of them will get at least one during her childbearing years, some having several. The treatment is very simple, usually very rapid and the infection itself leaves no permanent damage. There are ranges of the infection itself, the most painful and dangerous is a kidney infection when the bacteria has traveled beyond the urethra (urinary tract), past the bladder and into the tissues of the kidney. And while a mild UTI can sometimes be treated at home, a kidney infection requires immediate medical attention.

A healthy bladder is bacteria-free. Sometimes bacteria from the rectum can make it’s way to the urethra and take a short journey into the bladder. The short length of the female urethra itself and the closeness of the urethra and the anus is what makes women 8 times more likely to get a UTI then men. UTIs are often related to sexual relations but may also occur during pregnancy due to the flux in hormones and the pressure of the baby on the bladder. It is important to let your OB know if you think you have a UTI because an infection left untreated can lead to complications with the unborn baby. UTIs can also occur when a woman is close to menopause as her estrogen levels begin to decrease.

Symptoms of UTIs vary a bit from woman to woman but the main ones are almost always present. It’s important to know how …

Symptoms of Asthma

You think you would know if you had asthma, but believe it or not, you can have this breathing condition and not even know it. Asthma doesn’t only come in the tell-tale classic form of wheezing when you breathed heavily- learn whether you could have asthma by knowing the not-so-common (or associated) symptoms of asthma.

Asthma symptoms are varied per individual due to the severity of the condition at hand, the health and age of the person who has it, and the lifestyle conditions (such as smoking) that attribute to asthma in the first place. Symptoms of asthma that people might ignore are coughing at night as the throat fills with mucous that always needs to be cleared out. Wheezing of course plays a role, as does shortness of breath often (as with climbing a small flight of stairs or walking briskly). Pressure or tightness in the chest can also indicate asthma, but people often ignore a majority of these symptoms as they don’t occur often (less than a few times a month or every few weeks or so), or dismiss them as another illness entirely.

Many people don’t show symptoms of asthma in any real consistent way. People with mild asthma can go months or years without even showing any signs of the condition at all. However, people who show symptoms of asthma more frequently can get tuned into the illness at a quicker pace than people who show symptoms every now and then.

The only way to know …

The Symptoms of ADHD

ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a disorder found in children. Some signs of it may be not sleeping, depression, learning disabilities, behavior problems and some sort of tic disorder. The symptoms of the disorder are divided into two categories – one being inattentiveness, and the other being hyperactivity and impulsivity.

The inattention symptoms are forgetting while doing daily activities, easily distracted, loses items for the activity or assignment at hand, tries to avoid or doesn't like activities or assignments that take a lot of mental effort, has a difficult time organizing activities and assignments, doesn't finish or go through instructions on tasks one must do, does not listen when spoken to, difficult time keeping attention on what they're doing and doesn't pay attention to details, or makes useless mistakes.

However, the hyperactivity and impulsivity symptoms are fidgeting around a lot, leaving when they should be staying in place, rambunctious at the wrong time, has a hard time staying quiet, always going fast and talking a lot, yells out an answer to a question before a person is done with saying it, has a hard time waiting for their turn and interrupts people.

To actually have a child diagnosed is to be based on specific symptoms that are showing on more than one occasion. Many of these symptoms are found in a lot of children and just because your child is showing one or more of these symptoms does not mean he or she has ADHD. In order to be …

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