Hernia Symptoms

A hernia can be a very uncomfortable pain that is caused from the muscle. The pain can come and go with certain movements and the things you do in a day. A hernia can keep you up at night and disturb your sleep. A hernia can be mild or life threatening. There are different types of hernias. A hernia that is in the groin occurs when tissue protrudes through the lining of the abdomen. It most often produces a visible bulge as part of the symptoms. But sometimes there are no symptoms accompanied with a hernia. Some symptoms that do occur are discomfort and possible nausea, constipation, impotence and changes in the bladder. A hernia has generalized pain at times.

A hernia will not go away all by itself and they usually start out small and get bigger with time. A strangulated hernia cuts off the flow of blood to the bulging part of the hernia and that causes severe pain and more damage to the hernia. A strangulated hernia can be very uncomfortable and painful and if it is not taken care of a strangulated hernia can be dangerous.

Hernias can be caused by heavy lifting, straining muscles, old age, congenital defects and possible a previous surgery at the hernia site or a combination of these factors.

Hernias seem to be a genetic trait since they run in families. Men who do a lot of repetitive heavy lifting are susceptible to getting a hernia but anyone can get a hernia.

Getting a hernia in the groin area is the most common place for a hernia. But just about any muscle can get a hernia.

Hernia surgery is a very common type of surgery these days. During surgery a mesh patch is used to help the hernia heal fast and get the patient back up on their feet quicker.

If you think you may have a hernia or you have symptoms of a hernia you should go see your doctor. Your doctor can tell if you have a hernia and will discuss treatment options that are good for you. About ten percent of hernia patients don’t need to have surgery for there hernias. Laparoscopic surgery is a common type of surgery for hernias. A patient who has had laparoscopic surgery can usually go home the same day of their surgery.

The word surgery can be a frightening word yet if you are living with the discomfort of a hernia you will find that having surgery will make your life more comfortable and productive. Having a hernia can slow you down and keep you from doing the things you want to do. If you have a hernia it is best to get it taken care of as soon as you can.