Flu Symptoms : What Are They and How Do You Treat Them

When flu season comes around, people start wondering whether they actually have the flu, or just another random cold floating around in the air. Instead of wondering, the best thing to do is learn the symptoms of the flu. Once you know what you have, the easier it is to make yourself feel better.

Fever is one of the first symptoms of the flu. Once you have a fever, the only thing you want to do is bundle up and get rid of it. Before bundling up, you should go and take a warm shower. Not cold, but warm. You do not want to put your body into shock. Relax for about 10 to 15 minutes, enjoy the warmness of the water on your body. Once you are through with taking a shower. Do not over dress yourself, this could make your fever even higher. Dress lightly, take a couple of ibuprofen, and lay down until the fever has broken.

Headaches can be rough during the flu. Headaches at anytime are just something you want to get rid of immediately. When you have the flu, headaches become a bit of a daily routine. The best way that I have found to get rid of flu headaches is to rub tiger balm on your temples. If you are not sure what that is, you can go to any drug store and look where the mentholated products are. It's in a small jar, you do not need much, but it's very effective, and feels really good once you have applied it.

Those dreadful muscle aches. When you have the flu, muscle aches are a key symptom. Your legs, arms, chest, your complete body is aching, and there is rarely anything you can do about it. One thing I suggest you do is take a nice warm bath or shower, followed by a couple of ibuprofen. Once you have done that, be lazy and rest for a few hours.

Chills, chills, and more chills. If you think the body aches are bad, wait until the chills start. This is from having a flu fever. There is nothing you can take that will make the chills go away. All you can do is bundle yourself up underneath the covers and hope that the fever breaks sooner than later.

Excessively tired and exhausted. The flu has a way of beating your body up until all it wants to do is rest. Once you have gotten to this point, the best thing that you can do is listen to it. If you have to work, call in sick. If you have children to take care of, have someone help you out. Regardless of your situation, get yourself into a bed or on the couch and sleep it away.

Coughing and hacking until your abdomen feels like it has been stepped on. For me, this is the worse part of having the flu. If I could have the flu and not have this specific symptom, then I would be fine. I have found that drinking hot tea with honey or lemon, or even both helps immensely. Even simple lemon and honey cough drops work too. Other than that, you have to basically wait until it eases up all on its own.

Runny or stuffed noses. Although this happens more in children than adults, adults can still have it. If you happen to have this, spraying saline into your nose will help a great deal. You could also take a steamy shower to loosen whatever mucus you do have inside of your sinuses.

One of the best home remedies to help the flu along is homemade chicken soup. I cannot stress to you enough how important this is to feeling somewhat alive. Does not have to be fancy at all. Chicken, celery, carrots, salt, pepper, and water. Cook it all down until the chicken is cooked, and eat as often as you can.

Make sure that you drink as much fluid as you possibly can. If you are having problems drinking, eat ice pops or ice cubes, whatever it takes to keep fluid in your body. Do not worry about eating right now, hydration is much more important than anything else right now.

Warning : If you are feeling dehydrated, throwing up and using the bathroom too much, your best bet is to visit a doctor as soon as you can. The flu is not something you play around with. If you feel like you should go to the hospital, then go. Do not wait around for someone else to tell you. It is always better to be safe, than sorry.